Rust Droid is a administrations and monitoring app for Rust. Manage your Rust servers on your device and keep up-to-date.

3.88 stars on Android Market

RustDroidAndroid Market3.88


  • Manage multiple Rust servers with one app
  • Player administration
  • Kick players via context menus
  • Ban players via context menus
  • RCON console to send RCON commands
  • Server airdrop via context menu
  • Intuitive Administration Interface in Rust Style

Control your server wherever you are.

With RustDroid you do not need to sit in front of you computer to handle player requests or kick cheaters.
Download our app and have full control, even when you are not at home!

User ratings

At first there was an issue with connecting to my server but after back and forth emailing with devs we got it working and they were quick to respond and come to a solution, they were a big help. Other than that the app is a great tool to manage you server on the go. Recommended to everyone with a rust server.

Chase Miller

The app is pretty clean and connects fine with my server. I look forward to it continued development.

Dan Franklin

Fürs erste is es super geworden! Kann jetzt hackers unterwegs bannen. Danke sehr.

Jakob Wagner